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Integrated ATPL (A)

The Airline Transport Pilot course consist of two phases : Theoretical phase during 9 months to obtain 14 certificates followed by a practical phase in order to validate the whole ME CPL-IR / MCC.

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The private pilot course is accessible to everyone. It is completely adapted to EASA standards with 225h of ground school and 50 hours of flying on state of the art Diamond DA 40 and DA 42 aircraft.

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EASA conversion

ICAO and FAA to EASA conversion program contains flying and simulator courses along with ground school in accordance with EASA standards. The program duration is about 6 weeks.

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Aviation English

ICAO has established English language proficiency requirements for all pilots operating on international routes, and all air traffic controllers who communicate with foreign pilots.

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Many of our former students are now working as pilots in major airlines

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